Outsource Your Medical Coding and Billing Operations.

By Outsourcing your Coding and Billing services, you can focus on your core business objective to treat patients, and provide better care. Also by Outsourcing with ITH healthcare, which is based in New York and has an office in India to process your claims overnight. You as a customer get a streamlined, efficient, zero error processing of coding and billing operations and a steady cash flow. Read more hereĀ outsource medical billing.

Why it makes sense to Outsource your Medical coding & Medical Billing-One Flat fee Per Claim, Fixed monthly cost.

  • Streamlined end-to-end processes.
  • Effective and efficient services provided by competent healthcare experts in Coding, Medical Billing, Government
  • Regulations and Medicare and HIPPA.
  • No computer hardware / software issues or related expense.
  • Accurate data management resulting in reduced denials.
  • Zero Billing errors, you do not pay for errors
  • Reduce your Medical Billing and Coding Costs by 40 to 60%
  • No employee benefits/ No employee absenteeism.
  • No staff turnover and eliminates training and re-training. See more here outsource medical billing